Keep it Moving

I dream and I dream,
Until there’s nothing left.
I hope and I hold on,
Until there’s nothing to grasp.
I walk, I keep going,
Until my feet and heart fail me.

I go on,
Because there’s nothing else I can do.

Blue Ivy, Shawn and Bey.©August 2014 MTVLos Angeles, California
Jay’s holy grail.

Blue Ivy, Shawn and Bey.
©August 2014 MTV
Los Angeles, California

Jay’s holy grail.

The Heights: where the life is.Midtown Manhattan skyline from Washington Heights©January 2008 Flickr/Susan Sermoneta

The Heights: where the life is.
Midtown Manhattan skyline from Washington Heights
©January 2008 Flickr/Susan Sermoneta

©2014 Interscope Records

Call Robin Thicke a chauvinist, a ladykiller — throw stones with clean hands. Thicke is a man atoning for his mistakes and mourning the lost love of his youth in his latest studio effort, Paula, an album named for his divorcing wife of nearly a decade, Paula Patton.

In the video for the lead single of the album, “Get Her Back,” Thicke reveals himself at his most vulnerable moment. This is a much different guy than the cockiness of “Blurred Lines.”

The exact reasons behind the Patton-Thicke breakup aren’t clear, nor should they be as their intimate relationship is a private matter. But of the very public display in this video, Thicke is just a man trying to find his way again with or, as it seems lately, without his first great relationship.

Girls, Girls, Girls (Part 2) by Jay-Z from the album: The Blueprint

Just ‘cause Columbia “Clair” didn’t show up don’t mean she’s ain’t out there…

A close girl-friend remarked not too long ago that Jay Z was my “Beyoncé.” Thinking about it, it makes total sense. The dude’s a hustler, a go-getter, self-made and uncompromising.

Fittingly, upon arriving in New York City this time last year, Magna Carta Holy Grail was the flavor in my ear on a bus from Beantown’s South Station to NYC’s Chinatown. As the cold winds of winter funneled through the frosty streets of the concrete jungle, the bass of “Part II (On the Run)” boomed through the apartment speakers with my heart thumping at a new found muse. The melody of that tune lingered into the warming days of summer.

As the summer days wind down and with the cooling days of autumn around the corner, throwback ’90s jams have looped in the sound system, reminiscing on the carefree days of a not-so-distant adolescence lost but to the corners of my wondering mind.

The Blueprint of 2001 is on deck for the moment, until the next big thing in hip-hop drops…

The “Bey” analogy holds true. Dude came from these New York streets, ran these streets, and continues to do so now banked and legitimized.

A man with flossy style, infectious bravado and mainstream appeal, one thing has never changed for the man legally known as Shawn Corey Carter: he’s so ambitious.